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Haul Infinity

Quickly design your haul network, and enable your scheduling package of choice to estimate truck requirements. Learn more »


Robust metals template for XPAC. Ease-of-use, flexibility, and sophistication never before seen in an XPAC model. Learn more »

Consulting Services

Our mining consultants and business analysts specialize in optimization, scheduling, financial modelling, and asset managment. Learn more »

OCT 29

MTX Version 2.5.938 Released
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SEP 10

Haul Infinity Version 2.4.801 Released
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Haul Infinity 2.0 allows our clients to calculate full cycle times from the mining face all the way to the tip head.

MAY 23

Using MTX & Haul Infinity 1.3, our clients can now accurately estimate fuel consumption & tyre TKPH.